Why I'm Suing UC Berkeley

Clickbait. You fell for it. I am not going to talk about the lawsuit here. But since you’re here I have red pills you’ve been looking for. This article is more accurately entitled:

Separation of State and University

Wherever you have a source of official knowledge you have an official truth. Churches and Universities have this in common. Today the truth at UC Berkeley is intersectionality and political correctness. Over the next several years I expect the University to make a full transformation into its final form of Tumblr incarnate.

Universities teach conclusions not methodology

University students are taught to memorise the dates of significant events in history, while never explicitly being taught how to apply those lessons in history to politics today. Students are taught about the evolution of species and of culture, but also that all cultures are created equal and that it is unscientific to criticise any but our own. LGBTT2QQIIAAP students demand safe spaces, black students advocate for segregation, a UC Berkeley illegal student makes public threats they would otherwise label hate crimes if it wasn’t for his protect illegal status.

UC Berkeley funds authoritarian campus groups

BAMN is just one example. They’re a student group on campus that receives University funding. People in BAMN “protest” by repeating phrases like, “freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences.” And of course, they mean violent consequences. They advocate for beatings and shutdowns publicly. If the initiation of force is a crime, why are these types student groups funded by the University?

Radical groups normalise violence

Even if you socialize in questionable circles, it would be difficult to find anyone on who will openly admit conservatives ought to be forcibly silenced. Instead, you’ll hear: you should have known better, you were asking for it, or what did you expect to happen?

  • We expected that free speech was a universally held value among Americans.
  • We expected that free speech was for everyone, not just for people in power.
  • We expected that professional provocateurs would be met with laughs, peaceful protests, and smug disapproval.

The rally to criminalise “hate speech” is a degradation of Western values

Western governments have never criminalised rudeness, meanness, or trolling. Today half the population uses the phrase “hate speech” like the religious right uses the word “blasphemy”. Publicly, Berkeley presents itself as the heart of compassion and pays lip service to “free speech” while working behind the scenes to censor and shut down conservatives on campus by any means necessary.

Public Universities have a destructive monoculture

When left-wing authoritarianism spreads within a state, they target the 2nd amendment and make it difficult for anyone to protect themselves. They label everything they disagree with as “hate speech”, and default to claims of racism, sexism, or the latest phobia of the week when they’re met with any criticism of their ideology.

At UC Berkeley the police were given stand down orders led by their local politicians. If the police have no duty to protect the public, then the only way to safely exist under their rule is to the submit to the will of cultural Marxism or convert your soul and accept the truth of political correctness.

Radical left-wing ideology is a godless religion. The role of University and the purpose of education is to teach students how to think not what to think, yet everyone seems to miraculously think the same. The fact that University campus has bred an monoculture is testament to how effective their classes on gender studies are. The West has become the best trained, and the least educated in its history, because of politically correct culture on college campuses.